and AdMobix partner together to offer effective mobile marketing solutions to marketers


The share of digital marketing that is shifting toward mobile is growing quite rapidly, causing the m-commerce environment to continually change with each passing day. In order to respond to the needs that are developing as a result of this condition, – a mobile marketing blog aggregator – has partnered with AdMobix – a mobile affiliate network – in the hopes of assisting mobile marketers to find the solutions that they need to effectively achieve the results they desire. Throughout 2011, mobile searches increased by four times, and in…

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Bratz Masquerade dolls feature augmented reality this holiday season

Augmented Reality Video1

Parents shopping for this year’s Bratz Masquerade dolls – and the little girls who will be receiving them as gifts for the holidays – will discover that the product now features new packaging that includes QR codes. These codes will give their users access to a video that hypes a 3D interactive makeover. The fashion doll’s manufacturer, MGA Entertainment, is hopeful that the QR codes and their associated game using augmented reality will help to add more oomph to the holiday season. Sales director of digital marketing, Richard Saito, from…

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Michael’s to engage holiday shoppers with new QR code campaign

Earlier this year, Michael’s Stores Inc., a specialty retailer catering to the artistic community, announced plans to engage in mobile marketing. The company is quite popular amongst artists for their offering of high-quality supplies and accessories, but has had little to no Internet presence. As consumers become more immersed in mobile technology, the company is in danger of being left behind. One of the tools that could help Michael’s catch up with consumers is QR codes. During this year’s Mobile Marketing Summit 2011 in San Francisco, California, Anthony Price, senior…

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Famed advertising agency, Brunner, launched new collaborative think tank

Mobile Commerce News

 Brunner, an independent advertising agency based in Pennsylvania, has unveiled their plans for a new collaborative think tank called BHiveLab. The initiative will bring together digital strategists, creatives, and technology experts to produce innovative marketing solutions. With the emergence of new technologies, the marketing landscape is changing rapidly. BHiveLab will be adopting three of the most promising technologies causing waves in marketing: Augmented reality, QR codes, and NFC. Brunner has a long history of pushing the boundaries of digital marketing. The company has always focused on innovation and now…

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