Augmented reality art coming to Sacramento

Augmented reality in art

Collaboration seeks to put a high-tech twist on art The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, Sacramento State University, and the Greater Broadway Partnership District, have joined together to launch an ambitious projects that seeks to combine technology and art. These organizations have provided a $20,000 grant to 11 artists from throughout the country. These artists are coming to Sacramento, California, in order to create public art using augmented reality technology. This art will be found on the city’s Broadway corridor, which has long been home to various art projects, independent and…

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World’s first globally networked augmented reality art gallery unveils a masterpiece in New York City

Augmented Reality Art

As technology becomes more advanced, it is becoming more integrated into the world of art. Artists have always been eager to adopt cutting edge tools and technologies to express their talent in a new way. Augmented reality is now becoming a popular medium through which art can be made and is becoming popular for its capacity to share digital works to a broad audience. The adoption of AR technology has spread like wildfire in the artistic community. So much so that recently the world’s first globally networked art gallery comprised…

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Putting the AR in ART

If you happen to be in Boston this weekend, go by the Boston Cyberarts Festival; but don’t forget your Smartphone. You’ll need it to be able to see the art. The artwork has been done with Augmented Reality and blended in real-time with the surrounding physical buildings and objects. This festival promises an interactive illusion like no one has seen before. Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real world environment that has been enhanced by computer generated graphics or sound.…

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