Denso is at it again with QR codes scanning sophistication

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The company has launched a new reader mobile app that is designed to work even with small codes. Denso Wave Inc has maintained a consistent spot in the news with its innovations surrounding QR codes, and it has recently stepped up its efforts, yet again, by releasing a new mobile app that it has simply called “Q”. This barcode reader application is designed to make quick response codes more simple and accessible to scanners. Near the end of last year, QR Code Press reported on the FrameQR platform that Denso…

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Vital QR code education needed in the U.S.


QR codes are just about everywhere these days. Their sudden rise in popularity over a short period of time has left many at a loss for what the codes are. A staggering number of businesses have been adopting the codes, but few are taking the time to show consumers why they are so important. Hamilton Chan, founder of Paperlinks, a mobile marketing company that specializes in QR codes, believes that western society has entered a vital education period when it comes to mobile technology. After this period is over, he…

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The elusive iQR code pops into sight but only for a second!

Once upon a time, QR codes were block, black and white patterns on the back of car bumpers. Now, they come in all shapes and sizes. First developed by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, they were used to track inventory. During the advent of mobile devices, the codes became famous in Japan and Asia, with their popularity diminishing as they traveled further west. Since their incorporation into society, the codes have evolved from the black and what mosaics to colorful designs. New codes are emerging tentatively into the world…

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Tips on getting your resume noticed

Mobile technology is undoubtedly becoming a dominant force in the world of advertising. Smart phones and other mobile devices are allowing people to conduct business from wherever they are at any moment. Even a global economic recession could not hinder the spread of mobile technology and today more people are using it than ever before. As the technology becomes more mainstream, these people are asking “What else can it do?” QR codes are one of the marvels of the mobile industry. Originally developed in Japan as a way for companies…

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