New PayPal in-store mobile payments option to roll out in 2020

PayPal in-store mobile payments - paying with smartphone

Sometime next year, the online payments company is gearing up to launch in-store payments solutions. A new PayPal in-store mobile payments initiative has been revealed by the company’s CEO Dan Schulman. According to Business Insider, Schulman recently said in an interview with Axios that a digital wallet for physical stores that uses near field communications (NFC) and quick response (QR) code technology, could be part of the upcoming PayPal in-store payments solution. PayPal sees new value in the potential of offering such as system. This won’t be the first time…

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PayPal sees a future in mobile payments

Paypal Mobile Payments

New CEO aims to make PayPal more mobile PayPal has big plans for the future, especially when it comes to mobile payments. A new CEO is coming to the company in Dan Schulman, who wants PayPal to become much more than a simple third party in the commerce space. In the future, PayPal may introduce an operating system that is designed with digital commerce in mind. The company aims to become a much more powerful force in the finance industry, where mobile is beginning to play a more prominent role.…

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