Mobile payments security threat will increase in 2013

mobile security for smartphone

Could worries over the safety of use hold back adoption of this technology? As security is one of the main concerns voiced by consumers and is one of the top issues faced by mobile payments providers, the news regarding the growth of threats next year is not entirely welcome. According to a recent study, the more popular the technology becomes, the greater the number of threats. Mobile payments, like online banking, brings financial access and technology together. Though its use has been picking up, it has in no way reached…

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Malicious QR codes gaining attention in the cyber security industry

QR codes Security

Unassuming codes could link to harmful content QR codes are one of the technologies that have taken the marketing industry by storm. The unassuming, black and white barcodes have begun popping up just about anywhere. Marketers have taken a keen interest in QR codes because of their ability to engage mobile consumers – those with smart phones and other mobile devices. While marketers have proven to be enamored by the mobile technology, consumers have been divided on their use, partly because of reports concerning malicious QR codes. QR codes are…

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Malicious QR code found by Kaspersky

QR Code Security

One of the first malicious QR codes has been found by Kaspersky, the acclaimed Internet security company. Until now, the prospect of malicious codes has been nothing more than a tentative concern, though many security companies has been warning of the time when QR codes would become devious anti-security tools. Security professionals had warned that malicious codes could be very effective due to the willingness of consumers to scan any codes they find. Kaspersky reported the finding on its SecureList blog. It was only a matter of time before someone…

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