Cyber Monday shopping expected to break record in 2018

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Half of US consumers will choose to shop via their mobile device this year. Cyber Monday shopping has become more popular every year. However, what was once a day dominated by online shopping has evolved into one that is slowly being taken over by mobile commerce. In fact, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF), half of the consumers partaking in Cyber Monday will do so via their smartphones and tablets. Cyber Monday sales are projected to grow. More than 164 million Americans will be shopping over…

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Mobile commerce study shows over 400 percent retail increase on Cyber Monday

Mobile commerce Trends

Research shows sales skyrocketed on that most important smartphone shopping day of the year. A study performed by Unbound Commerce regarding the mobile commerce retail sales from Cyber Monday has shown increases of over 400 percent among more than 360 top retailers, and that the majority of the visits that were made to these sites were from new customers. These numbers have just been released regarding the aggregate transactions that were made. Among the retailers who use the integrated mobile commerce platform from Unbound, the total revenue spiked by 410…

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Mcommerce web slowed to a crawl from massive Cyber Monday use

m-commerce slow performance

Mobile websites took over twice as long to load throughout the online discounts and offers. While Cyber Monday showed record breaking mcommerce performance for sales, the tremendous number of smartphone and tablet shoppers that swamped the mobile web generated delays that considerably slowed down site loading times. Some of the delays faced by smartphone and tablet users mirrored the lineups on Black Friday. The average load time on Cyber Monday was 18 second longer than it would typically be. This, according to the Keynote Mobile Commerce Index. The web and…

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Mcommerce was major driver of record breaking Cyber Monday results

cyber monday mobile commerce

The best outcome of the weekend after Black Friday is being partially credited to smartphones and tablets. The results are coming in from Cyber Monday’s performance in 2012, and so far it has broken all previous sales records, in part because of the use of mcommerce apps and websites. Owners of smartphones and tablets used apps and optimized websites to help with their shopping. In fact, it was mcommerce that was considered to be a game changer this year. This is because over 18 percent of consumers who shopped on…

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