Research shows retailers in 2011 made most anti-fraud progress in over a decade


Visa-owned CyberSource has unveiled the outcomes of its thirteenth annual e-commerce fraud survey, which showed that retailers are beginning to make important headway in the battle against fraud, even though it is ongoing. The percentage of the number of orders that were found to be fraudulent fell to 0.6 percent in 2011, from having been 0.9 percent in 2010. It has now reached the lowest point that has been seen in the thirteen years since the annual study began. However, the survey also found that the cost of fighting against…

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AVG releases report to shed light on the mobile security threat environment worldwide

mobile security smartphone kill switch

Leading internet and mobile security provider, AVG Technologies, has unveiled its “AVG Community Powered Threat Report – Q4 2011” which helped to provide a better understanding of the worldwide mobile security threat environment through background information, trend analysis, and insight. Among the most notable elements within the quarterly report is the information that it shared regarding QR code risks, rootkit persistence, and the theft of digital certificates through the bypassing of mobile phone security. Though cybercrime was once simply a matter of vandalizing sites and other elements of the web,…

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The 2011 top tech headlines

Technology News

This year saw a number of major events in the technology industry, bringing surprising and attention grabbing headlines to the news throughout every month. Among the top stories in 2011 in the tech industry were the following: • The death of Steve Jobs – This was one of the top stories of the year for any category, not just tech. His passing brought about a reaction barely seen for the head of a corporation. On October 5 – a mere six weeks after he announced that he was retiring from…

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NEWS FLASH…Cyber crime ring caught!

While we went about our daily routines last Tuesday, the FBI was playing Superhero and shutting down an enormous cyber crime ring. More than two million computers, mainly in the U.S. had been infected and used to retrieve delicate information, such as; account information and password information. The suspected criminals behind this operation were suspected to be a Russian crime group. The virus nicknamed “Coreflood” could be responsible for more than 100 million dollars stolen from business accounts and individuals. The Justice Department is continuing their investigation against the group…

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