7 Best Cybersecurity Practices for Small Businesses

Cyber attacks on businesses are on the rise. And attackers are usually more focused on the smaller companies. That is because the smaller ones are likely to have less security measures in place to prevent such attacks. If you run a small business, here are seven cybersecurity practices that you need to know. #1 Training the Employees Cybersecurity and data privacy training can help your employees realize how vulnerable they are to different cyber threats. The training will also allow them to explore the various ways in which they can…

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2016 Uber security hack leads to key staff firings

Uber security - driver car GPS

A massive data breach that affected 57 million customers was not disclosed to those individuals last year. A massive Uber security breach that occurred in 2016 allowed hackers to get their hands on the personal information of 57 million customers. The handling of the event was poor enough that some of the company’s key security department personnel – including its head – have been fired. So far, Uber hasn’t released many details regarding the original handling of the data breach. The company’s press release on the topic did mention that…

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