AirVote deploys QR code feedback tools for instant customer responses

QR code feedback

The quick response codes allow businesses to respond immediately to comments before they go online. AirVote has created a QR code feedback solution to help small businesses to be able to respond to customer feedback immediately. An immediate response to customer comments is more important than ever as they are often posted online. Using the QR code feedback tool, companies are able to spot issues right away and solve them before negative messages can spread to other customers. Since small businesses have limited resources, features as straightforward as a barcode…

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Mobile commerce trends are causing many businesses to fall behind

Mobile Commerce Trends

The 2012 most popular strategies still have some companies scratching their heads. The marketing trends in Mobile commerce are whipping forward at such a dramatic pace, that many businesses – large and small – are left wondering how they ever hope to keep up with the pace. But what they should be asking themselves is if they have taken the steps to use the more established techniques. Instead of allowing themselves to become overwhelmed with the vast universe of opportunities presented by m-commerce, businesses should instead look into the most…

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New campaign from Penn State gives hospital patients a chance to submit feedback regarding their experiences

augmented reality Health Care

QR codes are becoming more common in the world of health care. The codes are useful as a tool for direct interaction between patients and physicians. In fact, they are being used for such an end in a new campaign from the Pennsylvania State University. The campaign is called “Real-Time Care Experience Feedback” and is part of the 2012 REACH Developer Challenge. The university is using QR codes to collect feedback from patients that have visited hospitals in the local area. Patients are able to scan the codes with their…

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