TVS Motors uses QR code stamps to combat counterfeit parts

qr code stamp card

The company is making an effort to try to make it easy to spot fake spare parts that look like its own. As a part of a broad strategy to combat fake spare parts, TVS Motors is using QR code stamps on its own products. Fakes have become increasingly commonplace within its market, to the point that is beginning to cut into their sales. The quick response codes are meant to help to identify legitimate parts and authenticate them easily. Some of the TVS Motors products such as the Cam…

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QR code scans enhance South Korean customs agency export strategy

qr code scans

The Korea Customs Service has announced the start of a new quick response code program. A new announcement from the Korea Customs Service has revealed that the company is using QR code scans. This technique is applied to South Korean products cleared for export through e-commerce sale. This strategy is being implemented in order to help boost the credibility of the goods. The QR codes are also being used in order to help reduce the export of knockoff products. QR code scans will make it possible to more accurately track…

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