Mobile commerce to be integrated into restaurant offerings

Mobile Commerce pizza

Olo and Corfire will be jointly creating smartphone friendly applications in a new partnership. CorFire, a mobile commerce technology company in the United States, has just entered into a new partnership with Olo in order to create a digital shopping engine for restaurants. This new contract brings two powerful companies together in order to create smartphone apps. The deal has Olo and CorFire working together to form a mobile commerce app that will give restaurants the ability to step above and beyond standard smartphone or online ordering. It will, instead,…

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Mobile commerce loses some friction as CorFire and Payfone offer new merchant solution

Mobile Commerce augmented reality marketing campain

These new m-commerce opportunities will help to enhance customer experience and drive revenue. Industry leading expert in smartphone technology, CorFire, has partnered with remote mobile commerce company, Payfone, to integrate their merchant solutions to create a strong opportunity for merchants. It will bring together CorFire’s mobile wallet app with the remote m-commerce solution from Payfone. The end product is designed to create a frictionless experience for merchants to offer to their customers, so that purchases can be made quickly and safely, without risk to the overall consumer experience or security.…

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