Copilot AI chatbot from Microsoft will remember everything done on a computer

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The tech giant’s effort to get users comfortable with artificial intelligence seems awfully creepy Microsoft recently held its annual Build developer conference, in which it placed a focus on its AI chatbot called Copilot, and how it is hoping to support consumers in becoming more comfortable with using artificial intelligence on a regular basis. To do this, the company has decided to let Copilot remember everything a user does on a computer.  The goal is to support the user in knowing what to do next. While some responses have been…

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Bing artificial intelligence provided false European elections information

Artificial intelligence - Europe Election False

Researchers at AlgorithmWatch say that Bing didn’t often apply safety guidelines. Researchers from the AlgorithmWatch human rights organization have accused Microsoft’s artificial intelligence chatbot on Copilot of providing users with misleading and false information about European elections. The researchers said that Bing Chat, which was recently renamed Copilot provided false info on the topic. The researchers asked the artificial intelligence chatbot Copilot about the recent elections that took place in Germany’s Bavaria and Hesse states and in Switzerland. They determined that one in three of Copilot’s answers contained factual errors…

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