Finding The Right CMS For Your Business Website

Content Management Systems for your Business Website

One very important tool you need as a business owner for your website is a Content Management System (CMS). This system allows you to create, edit, and manage all your website’s content. If you run an online business, you need to work with the right system for your website to function effectively. We’ve compiled a few pointers that will guide you towards finding the right CMS for your business website:    Check On Ease Of Use The right CMS should be easy for you to use. You need not to have…

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Mobile-Optimized Websites are the Next Step for Businesses

Mobile Campaign

Punch in a Web site on your smartphone, and you’ll see one of two things: a simple interface with readable type or a bite-sized image of a Web site. It’s the difference between easy navigation and an arduous zoom-scroll-click process. Mobile-optimized Web sites are much preferred to traditional sites when browsing on smartphones. Google notes that 61 percent of users who have trouble on a brand site that is not optimized for mobile are unlikely to return. If your business hasn’t optimized its site for mobile, you’re missing out on…

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New options offered with mobile platform service

Zoria Media, a web design firm based in Rhode Island, has announced their latest service which caters to the emerging mobile industry. Citing some 70 million smart phone users in the United States as the driving factor of this new service, Zoria Media is looking to help companies make websites that are friendlier for mobile viewing. The design firm will be using QR codes as one of the promotional tools used for new mobile websites. Dubbed EazyMobile, the service offers a number of design options for companies looking to appeal…

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ShareSquare makes all the right connections

Snap Shot of ShareSquare Website

ShareSquare, a platform that connects audiences with the entertainment industry, made a strong showing at this year’s South by South West conference. They have launched their new initiative today that will make use of QR codes. The company will also offer a content management system that will let clients easily customize the codes as well as obtain real-time analytics. This year’s conference, held in Texas, was overrun with QR codes. As the barcodes become more popular, more companies specializing in their use are beginning to emerge. Mobile technology is likely…

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