2012 will bring much more than contactless payment from NFC

NFC Technology

At the end of 2010, the predictions made by Forrester were that Near Field Communication (NFC) would start to come into its own in 2011, though they had noted that it would be far from mainstream by the close of this year. Now that it’s a year later, the predictions are starting to come in for next year, and this year’s use of NFC is starting to be reexamined in order to make the forecasts. In 2011, it has been estimated that between 35 and 40 million smartphones enabled with…

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Qtel Group and RIM seek to expand NFC mobile commerce

NFC technology mobile payments

The Qtel Group, a telecommunications company based in the Middle East, met with Research in Motion (RIM), a Canadian telecomm group, to discuss opportunities regarding the expansion of NFC technology in the Middle East. Mobile commerce is seen as a particularly lucrative industry in some parts of the Middle East, such as Qatar, where the popularity of smart phones continues to soar. Mobile commerce is made possible through NFC technology, which can turn ordinary smart phones into payment devices. The two companies are looking to expand their global relationship to…

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Consumers prepare for the rise of NFC enabled devices for mobile payments

Mobile platform commerce Shopping

  As an increasing number of mobile device companies announce their intentions to release products that contain a near field communications (NFC) chip, consumers are preparing themselves to begin using these devices to replace their wallets and handbags for making purchases.  Google, for example, has already come up with the Nexus S cell phone from Samsung Electronics, which is NFC enabled, allowing for mobile payments.  This device was unveiled last December and has the necessary technology to transmit payment information or discount coupons in conjunction with a reading device at…

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