QR codes unveiled by 4JET on tire walls

4jet tire qr codes

The company has now launched the laser marking of unique and permanent quick response codes. One of the latest developments in QR codes has now been unveiled in Cologne, Germany, at the TIRE Technology Expo, where 4JET Technologies GmbH showed its laser marking process that allows the quick response codes to be permanently added to the wall of tires, making them scannable for the length of the product’s life. These unique 2D barcodes are laser etched onto the wall of the tire, making them easy to scan. According to the…

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QR codes hidden under bottle caps reveal much more information

QR codes bottle cap

A North American company is now tucking the barcodes under the lids of its bottles. Crown Closures North America is grabbing hold of the mobile marketing potential offered by QR codes by printing the barcodes under each of their bottle caps in order to be able to provide a swath of information to consumers from a very limited space. The effort aligns well with the results of recent studies that have indicated that more consumers are scanning. A recent survey conducted by Pitney Bowes, for example, reported that in the…

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QR codes empower consumers through their mobile devices

QR codes in mobile commerce

Smartphone scanning technology has been giving shoppers the ability to browse and checkout more independently. Through the common use of technologies such as QR codes, mobile commerce has started to make its way even further into the in-store shopping experience than it ever has before. Consumers are using their devices as they shop in a store and companies can use barcodes to guide their behaviors. Retailers and other merchants across the country have been coming up with their own unique uses for QR codes, which allow them to step into…

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QR codes used by produce grower to build connection with shoppers

Tanimura produce QR Codes

Tanimura & Antle has chosen to use consumers’ own smartphones to build a better relationship. In order to provide shoppers with more tips and information about the use of their produce, Tanimura & Antle has launched a program using QR codes in the hopes to build a connection with the people who are buying their products. These barcodes could be added to produce without adding any extra bulk. Being able to provide considerable information without adding size or weight was important, as produce is typically weighed in order to determine…

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QR codes solution used by Emerald Packaging for grocery products

Jolly Green Giant QR Codes

These barcodes are both smartphone and human readable with a simple scan. Emerald Packaging, a leading supplier of fresh produce packaging, is now offering consumers who have smartphones an additional way to learn about their foods through the use of QR codes. Scanning the barcodes helps consumers to discover the origins of the products they are buying. The unique QR codes that are both smartphone and human readable, have become possible through Domino USA’s installation of digital ink jet printing equipment. The company, which is based in California, manufactures packaging…

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