Marketers more enamored with QR codes than consumers are. Awareness may be the issue

QR Code Video

*We like this video by showing the tremendous potential along with how user friendly the QR code can be. Mobile technology is coming to dominate the marketing world. Marketers are particularly enamored with QR codes, as they allow for dynamic consumer engagements on a level that was unreachable in the past. Indeed, the codes have begun showing up everywhere from soccer fields to rental cars. Marketers often have a tendency to cling to strategies they believe will be a major hit with consumers, but QR codes have yet to…

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ABI Research report suggests NFC technology will have a major impact on retail marketing

Mobile Payments question confusion

Near Field Communication may be becoming a big deal in commerce, but the technology is still suffering from lack of consumer awareness. ABI Research, a market research firm, has released a new report concerning the status of NFC technology, noting its growth in certain markets. According to the report, the technology may not see the most success in commerce. Instead, NFC may have the most profound impact on mobile retail marketing. For marketers, the technology has yet to show any real attraction when compared to QR codes. The report suggests…

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