Mobile trends continue to take over with 3 out of 4 device owners owning smartphones

Mobile trends Commerce Apps on smartphone

It didn’t seem that long ago that it seemed like an accomplishment to take half of the market. comScore has just released some interesting new mobile trends data that has revealed that smartphones are now making up a tremendous 75 percent of the overall cell phone marketplace in the United States. This represents phenomenal growth over the figure from the same time last year, which had been 65 percent. Now, out of every American over the age of 13 years, three out of every four is the owner of a…

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Mobile commerce may win big during the holiday season

mobile commerce shopping

comScore report predicts spike in online retail spending this year Online retail spending is expected to spike more during this year’s holiday season than it did last year, according to a report from comScore. The report predicts that mobile consumers will flock to online retail sites in order to avoid large crowds at stores and purchase the products they are interested in more conveniently. Consumers are becoming more confident in the mobile commerce services that retailers have to offer and are likely to be using these services more regularly in…

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Mobile market now sees 70 percent American smartphone penetration

Smartphone mobile market

Recent data is showing that in the United States, these devices are taking over the cell phone space. comScore has now released its most recent data that is gleaned from its own MobiLens and Mobile Metrix, which has managed to provide a considerable amount of insight regarding the American smartphone and overall mobile market and the direction that it has been taking since May of this year. The findings have been quite interesting, particularly in terms of the penetration of smartphones in the U.S. What the comScore report indicated was…

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Technology news shows smartphone penetration in the US is higher than ever

US Smartphone Survey wearable technology news

The latest data from comScore has indicated that there are 166 million Americans who own these devices. When it comes to mobile marketing and m-commerce, the technology news is great because comScore is now reporting that a record 166 million Americans now own smartphones. This data does not include the devices that are used by individuals for exclusively business purposes. The comScore technology news figures that have just been released take into account the penetration of domestic smartphones, which is climbing quite rapidly, and that is coming ever closer to…

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QR codes have very specific fans

Venmo QR Codes scans by men

The findings of a recent study have shown that some people are more likely to scan than others. The results of new research conducted by comScore MobiLens and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) have now been revealed and have provided some insight into who is most likely to scan QR codes. What they discovered was that young males in the United Kingdom are the most frequent scanners. While QR codes are being scanned quite commonly by the entire Millennial generation, when it came to the individuals who were scanning the…

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