United States is warming up to QR Codes: Usage on a huge up tick

Japan is known for being the king and birthplace of the QR code usage but U.S. companies are increasing product awareness with huge market campaigns that have awakened a hunger for more. The marketing possibilities of this two dimensional code are now being used in movie trailers, as seen with Disney’s campaign to promote Tron, all the way to nonprofit organizations in an attempt to increase donations.  In a report from Scanlife, an industry leader in mobile code readers, U.S. citizens scanning has doubled during the holiday season from the…

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North Carolina town announces QR code technology designed to reach out to residents

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Cary,  population 94,536 located just 11 miles out of Raleigh (North Carolina’s capital) , just recently jumped on board the technology express. Their televised town council meetings have a new addition, a QR code. Imprinted on their brochures and now on television, the town hopes to get more residents involved in community concerns by directing viewers to their web site listing the full meeting’s agenda via one’s smart phone.       Cary being one of the first municipalities in the country to use this technology follows in the foot- steps of…

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