Scanning QR codes were transaction choice of 85 percent of Shanghai Metro riders

Scanning QR codes - Shanghai Metro

Last year, the vast majority of tickets at the city’s Xujiahui Station were purchased through barcodes. Mobile payment has seen substantially better adoption in China than in much of the western world, as scanning QR codes has become the method of choice to pay for many types of purchase. This was reflected in the data from subway riders in Shanghai throughout 2020. This data revealed that 85 percent of subway riders at Xujiahui Station in the Shanghai Metro preferred scanning QR codes to pay for their tickets. This was revealed…

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China UnionPay and Tencent to use integrated QR codes for mobile payment ease

Integrated QR Codes - Quick response code on mobile phone

The goal of this move is to streamline the transaction experience for consumers and merchants. China UnionPay and Tencent have announced that they will be using integrated QR codes for a smoother checkout experience while using mobile payments. This move could greatly benefit UnionPay in catching up with the market leaders. Bringing together the quick response codes may help UnionPay to take a firmer place into the market in the country. UnionPay is a network top lenders created together. That said, it has not been able to gain nearly as…

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QR code metro passes will soon be available to Shanghai riders

example of turnstiles - QR code metro

Commuters will be able to use their smartphones to scan quick response codes to pay for trips. A number of Shanghai metro stations have QR code metro pass codes to let riders scan to pay. These new mobile payments are meant to make it faster and more convenient for commuters to pay their fares. The subway passengers are able to pay for their tickets by using either of two mobile payments services. The two QR code metro fare services are Alipay and China UnionPay. Riders who use either of those…

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Swatch to bring smartwatch to China to support mobile payments

smartwatches wearable technology mobile payments security

Swatch set to break into China’s mobile commerce market with wearable technology Swiss watchmaker Swatch has plans to bring its smartwatch to China, where it will support mobile payments. The watch, called Swatch Bellamy, is designed with mobile commerce in mind and will allow consumers to make purchases at various stores in the country. Swatch is currently working with banking groups in China to expand the acceptance of the platform, allowing more consumers to make use of it while shopping at physical locations. Swatch Bellamy will be supported by Chinese…

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Apple teams with China UnionPay to launch new mobile payments service

mobile commerce payments smartphone shopping

Apple and China UnionPay partner to boost mobile commerce Apple has entered into a partnership with China UnionPay concerning a new mobile payments service. This may be a big move for Apple, who has been somewhat cautious with its participation in the mobile commerce field. Apple has been keen to avoid some of the pitfalls that its counterparts have fallen victim to with their own mobile commerce endeavors. In partnering with China UnionPay, Apple may be ready to break into the mobile payments space more aggressively. New service to faciliate…

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