NFC technology proves to be a liability in Asia

nfc technology security in Asia

NFC technology becomes a popular target for thieves NFC technology has been receiving more attention recently due to the rise in popularity of mobile commerce. NFC is not a new technology, but it is still relatively young when compared to other types of mobile technology. Before NFC was being used in mobile commerce, it was being used in credit cards as a way to facilitate contactless payments. Now, NFC is beginning to attract the attention of malicious groups that are eager to steal a consumer’s financial information. Digital pickpockets becoming…

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WestSummit announces new investments, targets mobile commerce for future growth

Mobile Commerce Future

WestSummit Captial, a technology investment firm based in China, has announced that it will be investing in projects from Union Optech, an optical lens manufacturer, and INSIDE Secure, an NFC technology provider from Europe. WestSummit has extensive history in investing in growth stage technologies, powering their progress and making new products ready from commercialization. The company believes that its latest investments will be beneficial for the technologic ecosystem of China, especially as the country becomes more interested in mobile commerce. INSIDE Secure has been a leading developer of NFC technology…

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