Mobile marketing in China to see large transformation through, Tencent partnership

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The two giants are going to look for new ways to use their big data resources for brand recognition building. Giants Tencent Holdings Limited and Ltd have now joined into a partnership that they have jointly announced as one that is meant to help to change the way mobile marketing occurs in China when it comes to the e-commerce ecosystem. The goal of the deal between the two companies is to offer innovative new smartphone advertising solutions. The announcement pointed out that and Tencent intend to have the…

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American Express makes a move on Chinese mobile commerce

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Mobile payments continue to grow in China Mobile commerce is making strong progress in China. A growing number of people are using their mobile devices to shop online and this is putting pressure on businesses to become more mobile-centric or risk being left behind by consumers. American Express has announced its partnership with China Mobile, the largest telecommunications company in China. Through this partnership, the two companies will work to promote Hebao, an NFC-based mobile payments system. Hebao aims to make it easier for Chinese consumers to make payments while…

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China Mobile and UnionPay reach agreement on mobile commerce standards

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NFC-based mobile commerce may be poised for growth in China China Mobile, one of China’s largest telecommunications operators, and UnionPay, the country’s only provider of bank cards, have reached an agreement concerning standards meant to govern NFC-based mobile payments. The two organizations have been embroiled in a disagreement concerning these standards for some time, somewhat stagnating the growth of NFC-based mobile commerce. Now that a deal has been reached between the two organizations, standards are likely to be implemented on all payment systems that involve the use of NFC technology.…

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Mobile payments receive new framework in China

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People’s Bank of China sets sights on mobile payments The People’s Bank of China, China’s largest telecommunications company, has released new technical standards that are meant to govern the proliferation and support of mobile payments. Mobile commerce has been experiencing strong growth in several Asian markets, with much of this growth taking root in China. A growing number of consumers are becoming comfortable with the idea of mobile payments, leading People’s Bank of China to begin seeking ways to expand mobile commerce services throughout the country. In order to do…

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NFC technology marketing and payments in China to favor VeriFone

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Two companies in China have selected the platform to allow them to enable their merchant clients. China Mobile and the Bank of China have announced that they will be using the Paymedia Mobile Marketing Platform from VeriFone in order to enable their brands, merchants, and other third parties in order to deploy specific campaigns for NFC technology based mobile wallet services within the city of Shen Yang. This latest mobile commerce news was just recently announced by VeriFone. The Chinese bank and carrier have introduced services that include payments using…

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