Who won top wearable technology awards at CES 2017?

wearable technology awards

Smartwatches and fitness trackers have a lot to live up to in this rapidly expanding category. CES 2017 is far from disappointing if you’re looking for the latest in tech, and the wearable technology awards have shown that this category is stronger than ever. Aside from the smart appliances and swarms of drones a plethora of new wearables have swamped the show. While there are tons of great gadgets to be seen, it’s the recipients of the wearable technology awards that had attracted the most attention. Even without the additional…

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CES 2017: Top tech unveiled that you’ll actually be able to buy

lego ces 2017

The best gadgets and devices from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The massive CES 2017 tech event in Las Vegas is underway and the product unveilings are everywhere you look. There are more things to see than any individual would be able to take in, even over the event’s several days. That said, even from the very start there are gadgets and technologies that stand out from the rest. Consumers are particularly drawn to the ones that will actually be hitting store shelves this year. After all,…

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