Mobile phone subsidies stopping bill fails

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The House did not pass a bill that would halt the federal assistance to pay for cellular phone service. The End Taxpayer Funded Cell Phones Act did not pass the House this week. The bill would stop federal financial assistance to pay for mobile phone subsidies for people with low incomes. It did not pass under suspension of the rules (207-143). This type of bill requires a majority of two thirds in order to pass the House. Suspension bills normally arise only when the Republican leaders of the House think…

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All Aboard: AT&T’s New Plan Perfect for Smartphone Users on a Cruise

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People who want to stay connected to work or social networks were always out of luck when it came to taking a cruise—routine cell phone service had to be purchased from the ships at shocking markups. Data plans were nearly impossible to find at an affordable rate. Until recently, travelers with any type of cell phone were at the mercy of cruise line operators when it came to using their devices. Enter AT&T, who has introduced a new service that, despite a few wrinkles, now makes it easy and affordable…

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