Scientists successfully place calls on battery-less mobile phone

battery-less mobile phone

A team of researchers have developed the first cell phone that does not require a traditional power source. A team of scientists have developed a new battery-less mobile phone and have managed to use it to place Skype calls. The mobile device consumes next to no energy. It requires so little power that it can operate on energy collected from ambient light or radio signals. Though the device is far from being as powerful as a smartphone, the battery free mobile technology is fascinating. At the moment, the battery-less mobile…

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Smartphone battery life may be extended through app use

business travel accessories like external smartphone battery charger

A researcher at Purdue has created a mobile application to let cell phone batteries last longer. Mobile Enerlytics LLC, a tech company, has come up with a mobile app that they are now offering for free that is designed to allow users to take control of the speed at which their smartphone battery is drained, so that they can make the right choices to extend the life of their device between charges. The application provides device users with energy efficient alternative recommendations for consumer device use. Behind the Purdue Research…

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Mobile technology could be easier to keep powered up by charging with noise

smartphone battery wearable mobile technology charger

In the effort to overcome the ever present challenge of low battery power, a new tech is being developed. A new form of mobile technology is now in development as British researchers have now proved that it is possible to be able to charge a smartphone battery simply by using everyday noise as a source of energy. The Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) has now created a prototype device in cooperation with Nokia. The prototype of this mobile technology generates adequate power to be able to charge a smartphone…

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