QR code used by Canadian police to find killers

QR code used to catch a killer

The hope is that smartphone users will identify an “important” witness to a teen’s murder. At a press conference, police in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada have released a QR code that they hope will give the smartphone using public the ability to help them to track down the killer of 18 year old Valerie Leblanc, whose body was discovered on August 23, 2011. The hope is that the quick response barcode will encourage people to view the sketch of a possible witness. Scanning the QR code will direct smartphone users to…

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QR code cut into massive corn field

QR code cornfield

A farmer family in Alberta, Canada, have created an enormous barcode maze. A corn farming family located south of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has created a QR code out of their fields by cutting it into the barcode in order to create their annual. The Kraay family designs a new corn field maze every year. This year, their farm, which can be found in Lacombe County, not only features a maze in the corn, but it also may very well be the largest QR code in the world. They chose a…

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Toronto charity sets giant QR code world record

Worlds Largest QR Code

Youth Unlimited has made its way into the Guinness records. After months of planning and preparations, the Youth Unlimited North York charity from Toronto, Canada, has set a new record with Guinness, for the largest giant QR code in the world. In doing so, the nonprofit also raised a significant amount of money for its cause. The effort included the use of 1,369 four foot squares in black and quite. Each was sponsored or purchased in support of the charity and were displayed in a careful pattern in the Esther…

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