Instagram QR codes roll out worldwide scans from any camera app

Instagram QR codes - Instagram Logo on Mobile Phone

The social media platform is bringing quick response barcodes to all users of its app. Instagram QR codes are being rolled out for app users around the world, allowing them to generate barcodes that can be scanned by any camera app with scanning capabilities. The feature was originally launched in the social media app for users in Japan in 2019. The idea is to allow businesses to be able to print their Instagram QR codes for display. That way, customers can use their camera apps or barcode scanning apps to…

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Mobile camera app on its way to Toronto public transit users

TTC Don Mills sation mobile camera app

The Toronto Transit Commission is responding to an increase in the number of unwanted behaviors. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) will launch a mobile camera app to help its users report unwanted behaviors. There has been an increase in the number of unlawful acts committed by the public transit service’s riders. This new mobile app is meant to help other riders capture images of individuals committing unlawful acts. In fact, the mobile camera app launch will launch before the end of the year. The smartphone application can be used to…

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Scanning QR codes is a new feature among the Motorola updates

QR Codes Marketing for mobile shoppers

There have been a broad spectrum of updates including to the gallery and camera apps, and album saving. Motorola has now started rolling out some considerable updates to its gallery and camera apps, which are now able to provide a range of new features with compatibility with the older Moto devices, including scanning QR codes. The new camera app comes with a built-in quick response code scanner so that the barcodes can be read. In this way, it means that Moto smartphones can be used to scan QR codes without…

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Facebook mobile apps dumps the Poke and Camera

facebook poke mobile app.jpg

These applications have now been removed from the iOS App Store by the social network giant. Facebook has now officially confirmed the removal of two of its mobile apps, which include the “Poke” application as well as the Camera, as neither of which have ever been all that popular among users. The original purpose for the Poke application had been to offer an alternative to Snapchat. Unfortunately for Facebook, from the point that it was first launched in December 2012, Poke was never to become one of its successful mobile…

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