Edible QR codes shed light on California sushi

sushi qr codes

QR codes used to show off fresh sushi For culinary connoisseurs, knowing what goes into making a meal is extremely important. This is as true for sushi as it is for other kinds of food. That is why restaurants are beginning to show more interest in making information concerning the food they offer more available to consumers. This is the case with Harney Sushi in San Diego, California, which has taken a somewhat innovative approach to information distribution. Patrons visiting the restaurant have begun seeing small, edible QR codes attached…

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QR codes break into the fitness industry

QR Codes fitness

San Diego health club makes use of QR codes A health club in San Diego, California, is bringing QR codes to the fitness industry. The Sporting Club has begun integrating QR codes into instructional videos and printed materials in order to promote its workout experience and the benefits afforded to club members. The club has chosen to make use of QR codes because of the rising popularity of smartphones among its members. The codes could help the club connect with its members in a more dynamic way, providing these members…

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Sprint conference to highlight capabilities of NFC technology

nfc technology

NFC technology playing a large role in evolution of mobile business Telecommunications giant Sprint is slated to host its 12th annual Open Solutions Conference at the end of this month in San Jose, California. The event is known for hosting various presentations concerning the telecommunications ecosystem around the world. This year, however, those attending the event will not just be hearing from industry experts, they will also be hearing from large retail brands, advertising agencies, and venture capitalists. These groups will be touching on the changes that are coming to…

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ManifestAR to showcase augmented reality art

augmented reality Manifest.AR

ManifestAR participates in 2012 ZERO1 Biennial event The 2012 ZERO1 Biennial event is currently underway in San Francisco, California, which has turned the entire city into a public art exhibition that cannot be seen with the naked eye. ZERO1 is a non-profit art organization that aims to combine artistic vision with technology and show off the result during its biennial event. This year, ZERO1 has tapped ManifestAR to show off how augmented reality can be used to produce works of art. The organization’s work can be seen throughout the city…

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Science-fiction writer develops augmented reality app to send users on a virtual treasure hunt

Bruce Sterling

Once upon a time, augmented reality was considered nothing more than a fantasy. For years, those wishing to experience augmented reality escaped into vast, futuristic worlds portrayed in science-fiction. Author Bruce Sterling is all too familiar with this phenomenon, as we wrote some of the first books to feature AR technology. Sterling is renowned for crafting high technology from his imagination, but now he is bringing his ideas into reality. This time, however, he is not writing them down in a book. At the Art Center College of Design in…

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