Californians advised to keep their vaccine record QR code screenshot handy

Vaccine record qr code - code on phone being scanned

Officials have recommended that state residents be ready to present the barcode when asked. Among Californians who have overcome the challenge of obtaining the proof of their shot, the vaccine record QR code provided to them can become a handy tool to use in everyday life. The barcode may be requested at restaurants, bars, cafes and other similar locations. As a result, officials say that one of the easiest ways to keep the vaccine record QR code handy is to simply take a screenshot and store it in the device.…

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QR codes help sushi chef eliminate restaurant fish substitutions

qr code sushi

California restaurants are experiencing a rise in “fish fraud” and a mobile friendly barcode is helping to stop that. There is a growing problem in California restaurants, as well as in other areas of the United States, and a sushi chef is hoping to use QR codes to put the practices around it to a dead stop. The issue has to do with the use of fish that is far less than fresh in sushi and other restaurants. The practice of gassing fish with carbon monoxide in order to maintain…

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QR codes make their way onto sushi plates once more

sushi qr codes

The edible smartphone barcodes are now spreading awareness about sustainable fish in California. Though not the first time that a sushi restaurant has used edible QR codes to draw attention to its sustainable fish ingredients, a restaurant in California is adding itself to the list of firsts for this trend. The barcodes were used to provide diners with more information about the fish in an interesting way. The restaurant is called Harney Sushi, and it has made edible QR codes using water based ink printed on wafers of rice paper.…

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QR codes featured by San Diego health club

QR codes gym sports

The fitness industry in the city has now had its introduction to the technology for smartphone users. The Sporting Club, a health club in San Diego, has just integrated technology using QR codes into its location by creating instructional videos to help to enhance the experience of smartphone carrying members. This is not the first time that the barcodes have been applied to the industry as a whole. Other organizations, from gyms to school fitness programs, have already successfully used QR codes to quickly link smartphone users to videos that…

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QR codes tested by fire department in new emergency program

QR code mhealth

The barcodes will be used to help share medical data with firefighters. Firefighters in Marin County, California, are testing out a new program that uses QR codes to help to make sure that first responders have rapid and easy access to vital medical information in a rescue situation. These emergency workers know that in some situations, this data can mean the difference between life and death. Across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, this county’s fire department began looking into the design of a program that would incorporate QR…

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