A new WhatsApp business QR code will soon connect consumers and companies

Business QR Code - WhatsApp app update

The quick response codes are meant to make it easier for app users to connect with businesses. A new WhatsApp business QR code feature has started rolling out for customers using the app as an easier way to be able to connect with the companies they need to reach. The quick response code can be displayed on receipts and other areas consumers are likely to consult. By using the business QR code, companies let their customers reach them through WhatsApp to provide feedback, to ask questions or to seek support…

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Law firm takes advantage of eye catching QR Codes on business cards

QR codes have infiltrated almost every industry of business. From public Libraries to real estate and everything in between, the codes are showing no signs of abating any time soon. As they popularity continues to soar, more professionals are taking note and looking into ways they can incorporate the barcodes into their lives. Such is the case with Odin, Feldman & Pittleman, the world’s first law firm to use the code. The firm has long relied on traditional forms of contact with its clients. While the business card may still…

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QR codes join the work force

Though the economy is recovering, the number of people left unemployed in the wake of the recession remains high. Businesses are still cutting their costs in efforts to keep their heads above water and the job market is still barren and uninviting. In an effort to keep costs down but reach a wider audience, many employers are looking to take advantage of mobile technology. QR codes have been used in marketing and promotional campaigns and not businesses are looking to implement the codes to engage job seekers. Ernst & Young,…

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