Top mobile commerce brand title goes to Burberry

burberry mobile commerce brand

The Ampersand ecommerce agency rated 158 British retailers and awarded the top spot to the fashion brand. Burberry has been named the top mobile commerce brand by Ampersand. The ecommerce agency used several criteria and numbers to conduct an assessment of the customer experience. It examined the mobile shopping offerings of 158 retailers in Great Britain. Among the factors taken into consideration included whether the m-commerce website was optimized. The retailers were judged on mobile website optimization, page loading speed and several other factors. While Burberry took the top mobile…

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How is the fashion industry using technology these days

The Internet is becoming ever more integrated with reality as technology continues to advance. The ability to be everywhere at any given moment has taken the prestige out of attending popular events in person, particularly in the fashion world. The fashion industry has always been avant-garde, often on the cutting edge of the latest trends whether they are clothing or technology. As technology progresses, the industry is looking to take advantage of everyone’s omnipresence. Earlier this month, Burberry drew a lot of attention by streaming its autumn catwalk show live.…

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