Boeing looks to augmented reality to improve worker efficiency

augmented reality glasses patent (note: these are not real ar)

The aircraft manufacturing giant has shown that AR technology can improve information availability. In Santa Clara, California, at the Augmented World Expo, speakers discussed the barriers of adoption to augmented reality and helped to show the many practical uses for the technology that can make it more than worth the while of companies to take it on. Boeing was among the top proponents for the use of AR tech, and it shared its own internal study results. While Boeing wasn’t the only one at the event that was applauding the…

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Mobile security to the max in new BlackBerry smartphone for Boeing

Blackberry software mobile security

The aircraft manufacturer has turned to the handset maker to come up with a self destructing “Black” phone. Boeing, the defense contractor and manufacturer of aircraft has now entered into an agreement with BlackBerry, the recovering Canadian smartphone maker, in order to be able to create a “Black” device with top mobile security levels including a self destruction feature. This highly secure smartphone is meant to be designed for government agencies that require super safe device use. Early reports about the high mobile security device state that it will be…

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Mobile technology in space will be central to a new Samsung and Boeing partnership

space mobile technology samsung boeing

The tech will be designed for social communications and onboard camera viewing on spacecraft. According to former astronaut Christopher Ferguson, Samsung mobile technology will soon be playing a critical role in the CST-100 Boeing spacecraft as a part of a new collaboration between the two companies. The use of the tech will be applied to a number of different types of processes while onboard. Ferguson is now the director of crew and mission operations at Boeing, for the company’s commercial crew program. He explained in a recent tweet that the…

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