AR glasses from BMW to improve motorcycle road safety

AR glasses - Motorcycle Road Safety

The automaker is using the wearables with a heads-up display, keeping a driver’s eyes on the road. Though AR glasses have been marketed mainly for entertainment purposes until now, German automaker BMW has a different focus for the wearable technology it is designing. BMW is creating its smart goggles for motorcycle riders to wear to improve their overall safety. BMW’s ConnectRide Smartglasses project is focused on AR glasses with a heads-up display specifically for motorcycle riders. This will provide them with helpful information such as the current speed, the bike’s…

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BMW tire QR codes are setting a new standard

4jet tire qr codes

These unique quick response codes provide information about the full life cycle of those products. BMW has decided to take it upon itself to change the way tires are registered by branding each one with unique tire QR codes that will make it possible to trace that product throughout its individual life cycle. The new quick response codes were unveiled in Germany at the REIFEN Show by 4JET Technologies. The tire QR codes solution was created by 4JET Technologies and is called SCANNECT. At the REIFEN Show, they were the…

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Reality becomes more akin to science fiction as augmented reality gains traction all over the world

Augmented Reality Car Technology

Reality is becoming more akin to science fiction as augmented reality continues to gain traction all over the world. AR is becoming famous for its implications for smart phones and mobile devices, but it may be in the auto industry that the technology truly shines. Cars with virtual heads-up-displays are often featured in futuristic movies, but car manufacturers BMW and Volvo say that the technology in movies is primitive compared to what they can offer. Augmented reality is one of the technologies that will revolutionize the auto industry, according to…

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BMW Augmented Reality Sparkles with 3D Glamour

To launch the new BMW X3 in the Philippines, GMA New Media Inc. (NMI) will work in partnership with Top Gear Philippines and BMW for the creation of ‘augmented reality’ for a magazine. Augmented reality is a term that is used to describe the live view whether it is direct or indirect of a physical environment, with the elements shown through sensory input that are computer generated. For the magazine by NMI, the features of the BMW X3 will be delivered in a 3D format for the readers to have…

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