Wearable technology ring design has now been released by Ringly

ringly wearable technology

The limited edition piece of fashionable wearables has been added to the company’s collection. Ringly’s first wearable technology launch was earlier this summer and it came in the form of a fashionable cocktail ring that was Bluetooth LE enabled, and that device was an immediate hit. Now, the company has made a new limited edition design available to those who adore the device. The original Ringly wearable technology was available in four colors. It provides the wearer with alerts whenever a notification – such as a call or a text…

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Wearable technology in the form of shoes are coming soon

wearable tech

A company in India has been developing the latest in wearables that can be worn on a person’s feet. As wearable technology starts to pop up in virtually every type of clothing and jewelry, smart shoes are now being created by a company based in India in order to provide the very latest in tech on the go. These wearables are meant to be an entirely new way to make sure that your tech goes wherever you do. The company, called Lechal, is designed to be the very first interactive…

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Wearable tech SIM for network access unveiled by DoCoMo

Example of SIM Card wearable technology

These portable cards are designed to allow authentication data to be stored for wireless connection. DoCoMo, the Japanese mobile carrier, has just revealed the latest in its wearable tech offerings, which includes a SIM card that can wirelessly connect any smartphone or tablet to a wireless network or the internet through the simple wave of a hand. This SIM card is also able to transmit the number and other data of the user, all on its own. This separates the connectivity from being exclusive to the mobile devices, and brings…

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Trending Topics: Future of mobile commerce may be NFC-free


NFC technology may be losing ground in the mobile commerce space NFC technology has been getting a lot of attention lately, especially as the technology becomes more common in smartphones and tablets. NFC has been gaining momentum in marketing for some time, but also forms the backbone of most mobile commerce platforms. The technology facilitates data transfers over short distances, which is quite useful for people looking to share pictures, music, and videos with their friends through their mobile devices. NFC supports mobile payments through the same process of data…

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iPhone 4S may not have NFC, but it has Bluetooth 4.0

iphone 4s Bluetooth

Many had expected that the latest version of the iPhone, the 4S, would be enabled with near field communication (NFC) technology, and while that was absent from the release, what was included was Bluetooth 4.0 integration which made it the first smartphone on the market with this enhancement. Bluetooth 4.0 is comparable to NFC in many ways, and was first integrated into the MacBook Air, allowing for communication among devices with a lower energy use than was required by previous versions of the technology. It allows the manufacturers of devices…

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