Android Lollipop based BlackBerry Passport spotted online

BlackBerry Passport mobile technology

The rumors about a handset based on that operating system have been flying and now images are popping up. For a few weeks, the rumors of a BlackBerry Passport that would run on a version of the Android operating system have been picking up from having been only whispers before that time. Now, the rumors are being seen as more likely to be true than ever now that a video has been shared online. The video shows a Silver BlackBerry Passport that is running on Android Lollipop for the very…

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BlackBerry Android phones looking increasingly likely

blackberry android - bold 9900 mobile apps

Reports and the company’s own actions are starting to suggest that this is far more than a rumor. While there have yet to be any official confirmations that a BlackBerry Android smartphone is in the works, by the time of the writing of this article, the actions of the company, itself, are starting to point specifically in that direction. BlackBerry has, for instance, purchased two domains that are directly related to the Android operating system. At the end of last week, it was reported that two BlackBerry Android related domain…

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BlackBerry Leap touchscreen smartphone is unveiled

BlackBerry Leap mobile health

The Canadian handset manufacturer has now shown the world its latest device, at the lower end of the market. The BlackBerry Leap has now been unveiled, showing the smartphone market the newest entrant, which will feature a 5 inch touchscreen and that will be geared toward the lower end of the market, as the Canadian device maker attempts to claw its way back into relevancy and to regain a new customer base. This smartphone will be far more affordable than other mobile devices sold by this brand. It will cost…

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Mobile security to the max in new BlackBerry smartphone for Boeing

Blackberry software mobile security

The aircraft manufacturer has turned to the handset maker to come up with a self destructing “Black” phone. Boeing, the defense contractor and manufacturer of aircraft has now entered into an agreement with BlackBerry, the recovering Canadian smartphone maker, in order to be able to create a “Black” device with top mobile security levels including a self destruction feature. This highly secure smartphone is meant to be designed for government agencies that require super safe device use. Early reports about the high mobile security device state that it will be…

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BlackBerry Classic Q20 to be released today

Blackberry classic q20

The Canadian handset maker has announced that the unveiling will take place over live stream. The BlackBerry Classic, also called the Q20, is going to be released later on today in an unveiling that will be occurring over live stream and that will bring the new flagship product of the Canadian device maker into the spotlight. The company is hopeful that the BlackBerry Q20 will be the start of drastically improve sales. So far, the potential for the BlackBerry Classic looks very promising, as it has already sold out in…

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