BlackBerry Classic is headed to an early (or late?) retirement

blackberry bold - similar to BlackBerry Classic Q20

The struggling Canadian handset maker is desperately trying to claw its hardware back to profitability. Not only two years after its launch, the BlackBerry Classic is approaching retirement. The company announced the upcoming end to the smartphone with its beloved standard keyboard. The Classic smartphone was created to give people an option with the physical keyboard they love. However, the company has decided to bring the BlackBerry Classic to an end. This is occurring at a time when the Canadian business is desperately trying to stop its hardware business from…

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BlackBerry confirms that it has purchased Secusmart

Blackberry technology news mobile security BES12 mobile security

The company’s attempt at recovery has taken a new step as it announces a new acquisition. Following closely on the heels of the news that BlackBerry has completed its restructuring phase – that is, they have finished the current wave of job cuts and executive hiring – there has now been an announcement that has revealed that the smartphone manufacturer has made another considerable acquisition. This most recent acquisition was of a mobile security company called Secusmart GmbH. BlackBerry is now preparing for the acquisition of Secusmart GmbH, which it…

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BlackBerry Passport will have a large square screen and a September launch

BlackBerry Passport mobile technology

The CEO of the handset maker unveiled an odd looking device that will be the next smartphone…phablet… Following a far better earnings announcement than anticipated, the Canadian smartphone maker is continuing its surprising technology news headlines with the unveiling of its BlackBerry Passport. This can either be considered to be a massive smartphone or a tiny phablet – though it is officially a phone. John Chen, the CEO of the company, used the earnings report and annual meeting to confirm that the rumored “Windermere” square shaped smartphone is a reality…

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