SMS mobile marketing made a large difference on Black Friday

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Though the data from the weekend as a whole wasn’t all that promising, smartphones and tablets were winners all around. As the data from Black Friday continues to be announced, everything seems to be indicating that while shopping as a whole didn’t experience too much of an explosion, small screens have truly been coming into their own, particularly in the case of SMS mobile marketing and its impact on encouraging consumers to make a purchase. When it comes to smartphones and tablets, the holiday shopping season is off to a…

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Black Friday to be a proving ground for holiday-oriented QR codes

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Black Friday is here and retailers are looking enlisting the aid of QR codes to help manage the crowds of shoppers heading their way. For retailers, barcodes have been a valuable tool for decades. QR codes are becoming more popular with businesses due to their ability to streamline and expedite the shopping process. Companies like Sears, JC Penney, Kmart and Macy’s are using the codes to weather the storm of shoppers on the busiest day for the retail industry. Sears has integrated QR codes into their expansive holiday shopping strategy.…

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