Face authentication technology to be used for Experian and TransUnion verification

Face authentication - biometrics face scanning technology

The credit check giants are using new tech from Onfido to boost its fraud detection capabilities. Experian and TransUnion will be implementing new face authentication technology from Onfido in an effort to ensure that people are who they say they are when they open new accounts. Facial biometrics tech will become a component of the identity checking and verification process. This new face authentication strategy could change the way new accounts are opened and identities are approved before loans are taken out. Borrowers and new banking customers in the UK…

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UN voices facial recognition technology concerns specific to human rights

Facial recognition technology concerns - Face detection - scanning

United Nations human rights chief is urging a moratorium on certain uses of the tech. Michelle Bachelet, United Nations human rights chief, raised facial recognition technology concerns last week, urging a moratorium on its use during peaceful protests. Bachelet’s office called for a cessation of the use of this tech for certain purposes for human rights reasons. “There should be a moratorium on the use of #FacialRecognition technology in the context of peaceful protests, until States meet certain conditions including transparency, oversight and #HumanRights due diligence before deploying it,” tweeted…

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Mobile payments through biometrics could lead to billions in transactions

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According to some technology experts, the potential boost in security will make this shopping more appealing to consumers. One of the main issues that has held mobile payments from achieving its true potential has been a hesitation from consumers due to the fact that they are afraid that their personal and sensitive data will not be kept secure if they make a purchase through the use of their smartphones (either online or in a brick and mortar store). Now, a research consultancy thinks that as biometrics become more commonplace, so…

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