Beijing QR codes offer new Mobike models

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That city and Shanghai have both launched a series of new options for the public sharing bicycles. Mobike has now announced that its Shanghai and Beijing QR codes will let riders enjoy a new series of bike models. These red and silver public sharing bicycles have been simultaneously released. The goal is to encourage a larger part of the Chinese population to use bicycles within large cities. There has been a notable growth in the number of users taking up cycling in large cities in the country. This has allowed…

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QR codes to make bike rental easy for G20 summit visitors in Hangzhou

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The city has been making efforts to simplify transportation for English speakers, including the use of quick response codes. The G20 summit next September is going to be held in Hangzhou, China, and that city has been going to great lengths to help to make sure English speaking visitors will be able to get around with convenience, including by using QR codes as a kind of universal language. In this instance, the quick response codes will be used to help visitors to rent bikes more easily. The QR codes will…

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