Better Business Bureau issues warning about fraudulent QR codes

Fraudulent QR codes

The BBB cautioned that some scammers are using quick response codes with malicious links. Despite how useful quick response codes became throughout the pandemic, fraudulent QR codes have arisen, and the Better Business Bureau is cautioning consumers to be careful what they scan. The BBB Scam Tracker has recorded a rise in the number of people being mislead via barcode. According to the Better Business Bureau’s data, its BBB Scam Tracker is seeing a rise in the number of scammers using fraudulent QR codes to mislead people. These barcodes are…

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Better Business Bureau levies tips for consumers to protect themselves against malicious QR codes

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The Better Business Bureau of Kansas has taken notice of QR codes and how they can benefit companies in the state. The organization, which forms and upholds standards of business in and out of the state, says that QR codes, if used properly, can have a major impact on how companies market products to consumers. While QR codes are becoming more popular, consumers are still somewhat unfamiliar with the black and white barcodes. In an attempt to help consumers gain some comfort with using the codes, the organization has released…

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BBB warns that malicious QR codes could put consumers’ privacy at risk, offers some advice to thwart the threat

QR Code

As QR codes become more popular they are seeing more use. Only a year ago, the codes were all but unknown in the U.S. Now, they have become a staple in the world of marketing and are establishing themselves as a powerful and versatile social networking tool. Yet, the advent of QR codes in the west is not without its dangers and the Better Business Bureau of Canada and the U.S. has issued a number of warnings when it comes to using the codes. It may be difficult to attribute…

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