CU Boulder develop new biological battery that turns you into a power source

Biological battery - person wearing smartwatch

Researchers have come up with a low-cost wearable device turning the body into an electricity generator. University of Colorado, Boulder, researchers have developed a new form of biological battery technology. This tech converts the human body into a low-cost power source. The researchers published the details about their new device in the Science Advances journal. The biological battery device is stretchy so that it can be worn as virtually any type of accessory that comes in contact with the skin. This includes as a bracelet, ring, or other kind of…

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Scientists use WiFi to send electricity to wearable technology

wearable tech smartwatch

This technology has the potential to provide meaningful charging to batteries of smartwatches and smartglasses. Among the latest breakthroughs in wearable technology has been one that has involved the use of WiFi in order to send electricity into mobile devices and wearables such as smartwatches, fitness bands, and even smartglasses. The scientists were able to experiment with WiFi antennas to the point that they were able to power up small devices. They used ambient signals to power the wearable technology. In order to keep a steadier flow, they combined the…

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