New augmented reality app seeks to dethrone QR codes in mobile marketing

Blippar augmented reality Mobile App

QR codes have become the titan of the mobile marketing world. The codes have proven the simplicity of reaching a varied audience of consumers in the digital age. The rise of the mobile marketing industry owes much of its success to the codes and many advertisers are sure that the codes will be around for many years to come. However, a new mobile application seeks to dethrone the blocky barcode. To accomplish this ambitious feat, the app is making use of augmented reality technology. Augmented reality is nothing new to…

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AVG warns that QR codes are not as risk free as they appear to be

QR Code Security

The illustrious internet security company AVG has been warning of an impending wave of cyber crime for years. The company has made a name for itself combating the threats present on the Internet, but now hackers are using a new tool that the company cannot protect anyone against: The QR code. According to AVG, the unassuming little barcodes have been causing a problem in online security lately. The problem lies in the inviting nature of the codes. QR codes are a popular marketing tool whose expansion in the realm of…

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A QR Code Book…Really?!

QR Code

Books2Barcodes is a relatively new project which is comprised by a group of self-proclaimed archivists, engineers, and library scientists. The project aims to take classic works of fictions, like Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and convert them to QR codes. Unfortunately, these works are often too lengthy for one code, and so each page has its own dedicated code. The project seems a bit obsolete when compared to services like Amazon’s Kindle Store, where readers can find books easily and read them without having to scan additional coding. Considering the…

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Lady Gaga and Starbucks team up for the hunt

Lady Gaga

As Starbucks embraces QR codes for a second time, they have partnered with Lady Gaga to host a two-week interactive scavenger hunt. Starting Thursday, Starbucks cafés around the country will have banners, magnetic chalkboards and posters emblazoned with a small QR code. When scanned, customers will receive a number of clues guiding them through the company’s seven-round scavenger hunt. Dubbed SRCH, the event pits players against a series of cerebral challenges in order to advance through the stages. Participants will have to decipher clues in order to successfully traverse the…

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QR codes going BIG in the U.K.

The city of Lincoln in the United Kingdom is starting to follow the QR trend as the codes make their way to the City Centre where they will be featured in shop windows. The codes will be used to offer customers exclusive deals and discounts on merchandise. Many are finding the codes to be a better option for their promotional efforts than conventional advertising. For one, the codes are vastly less expensive than traditional advertising. They are also easily generated and printed.  Lincoln is just another in a long line…

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