Barclaycard restaurant mobile payments let diners walk out without the wait

woman cell phone restaurant mobile payments

Until now, to “dine and dash” meant running off without paying, but that’s about to change. Barclaycard has announced that its customers will be able to make restaurant mobile payments by simply leaving an establishment. The solution means diners can leave once they’re finished eating. It eliminates the need to wait for a bill at the end of a meal. The service has been nicknamed “Dine & Dash” because diners can leave without waiting for a bill. To use the Dine & Dash restaurant mobile payments service, customers need a…

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Starbucks embraces mobile payments in the UK

Starbucks Mobile Payments

Starbucks to bring mobile payments to UK stores Starbucks has seen some prosperity from its focus on mobile commerce in the U.S. The company embraced mobile commerce in an attempt to better cater to the growing number of consumers that have begun to rely heavily on smartphones and tablets. The company has been praised for the mobile commerce services it provides and has seen fit to expand these services into new markets, such as that of the United Kingdom. Company teams with Barclaycard and Visa Europe Starbucks has teamed with…

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NFC technology news continues to show its versatility

Mobile Payments NFC Technology

Uses for NFC expanding at a rapid pace NFC technology is beginning to gain traction outside of the field of mobile commerce. The technology has proven versatile in its ability to connect with consumers. Companies interested in a higher level of interaction with customers and clients have begun showing more interest in NFC technology and how it can be used. NFC has managed to gain some ground in the mobile marketing industry and in social networking, and these two fields appear rife with opportunity for the growth of NFC. RIM…

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Orange expands availability of Quick Tap application to Android devices

Quick Tap NFC technology service mobile payments service

Quick Tap to enter the Android market UK telecommunications company Orange has announced that its popular Quick Tap NFC service will find its way to some Android mobile devices in the coming weeks. Quick Tap was the first NFC service to come to the UK and is the result of a partnership between Orange and Barclaycard, one of the country’s largest financial institutions. Quick Tap has been somewhat popular in the UK for its ability to facilitate mobile payments. The availability of the Quick Tap application was limited, however, and…

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ISIS platforms gains momentum over competitors due to slow and steady approach

Mobile Commerce Industry

Mobile commerce giant takes small steps. ISIS, the mobile commerce joint venture between Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, is making slow, but steady progress toward a new pilot test this summer. The platform may be lagging behind the Google Wallet, which was formally launched late last year, but has already become one of the more popular platforms in the industry, despite the fact that ISIS has yet to see commercial release. The slow progression of ISIS seems to have been beneficial, as it has allowed the project to overcome the challenges…

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