Mobile payments will be bank dominated if they have anything to say about it

Royal bank of Canada (RBC) mobile commerce platform

They are determined to not only be pioneers but to lead the industry, as well. The race to lead the way in the mobile payments and digital wallet space has been a tough struggle in most countries, including in Canada, where the Big Six banks have been doing their best to hold back the success of alternatives from other countries, such as Square an PayPal. They are trying to achieve this goal by providing the best technology in the nation for these devices. Banks are working to achieve the best…

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Mobile payments from banks trusted by UK consumers

Mobile commerce Risks

A recent survey has shown that British smartphone users prefer paying with their bank’s services. Although consumers in the United Kingdom have always had a form of love/hate relationship with their banks, the results of a recent survey have shown that these are still the institutions that smartphone users in that country like the most in terms of mobile payments services. They may not be thrilled with their banks, but they do trust them in terms of the security of their services. The mobile payments survey was conducted by U.K.-based…

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Mobile payments success for banks will depend on credibility

Future of Mobile Payments

The financial sector is working hard to distinguish itself in this industry where the competition is fierce. It wasn’t all that long ago that the financial sector – primarily banks and major credit card providers – were essentially the only consideration when it came to completing transactions, but the addition of mobile payments is drastically changing this environment. Buying goods and services can now be performed in a number of different ways, and banks aren’t automatically among them. Mobile payments – that is, paying directly through a smartphone or tablet…

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Mobile Payments mainstream adoption will be led by banks

Mobile Banking Industry

It will likely be the large and well established financial institution that will encourage its wide acceptance. Experts in the mobile banking industry are now predicting that retail banks are going to start to make larger strides into the sector in order to help themselves to reduce costs, improve their innovations, and hang on to more tech savvy customers who are growing in numbers with each passing year. This should also help to establish more mainstream adoption of using smartphones for buying. This does mean, however, that any banks that…

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Absentee NFC in iPhone 5 may hurt banks more than Apple

mobile payments technology

iPhone 5 may be missed opportunity for banks looking to promote mobile commerce Earlier this month, Apple officially unveiled the highly anticipated iPhone 5. Among the numerous features included in the company’s latest iteration of its popular smart phone, the absence of NFC technology received a great deal of attention. Apple has chosen not to include NFC technology in the new iPhone 5 because of reasons concerning security and the concept that the technology does not solve any problems consumers are facing today. Apple has been criticized for its snub…

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