Wearable technology has arrived for “smart” babies

wearable technology Sproutling for baby

The company behind Sproutling has now created wearables for the youngest family members. While it is becoming increasingly commonplace to see mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets being carried by adults, teens, and even children, and wearable technology is starting to show up here and there in the form of smartwatches and augmented reality glasses, the business that created Sproutling now believes that the baby in the family can also join this high tech experience. In fact, with that wearable device, an infant could become the most high tech…

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Smartwatch baby monitor feature discovered in Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch

It may not be an official function for the wearable technology, but parent bloggers have been using it. The new flagship smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy S5, has been receiving a considerable amount of attention from bloggers for a very surprising use: that it can double as a baby monitor when it is combined with the use of a Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Though there are some drawbacks, for tech blogging parents, it has provided a very convenient option. The primary disadvantage to this solution is that while the parent can…

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Wearable technology may be the next form of baby monitoring

Mimo wearable technology baby monitor

Tech startups are starting to focus on the benefits of wearables to parenting infants. The current wearable technology market may be primarily focused on smartwatches and fitness bands, but it is growing at a rate that is fast enough that a few months down the road, the entire environment could look entirely different; somewhat like the experience of watching an actual baby growing. In that vein, wearables are now being developed with baby and child care in mind. A startup called Rest Devices has now created a wearable technology product…

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