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Mobile sites are becoming vital in a new business landscape The world is becoming more mobile. That is to say consumers around the globe are becoming more reliant on smartphones and tablet devices. For businesses, this means a multitude of new marketing opportunities that can drive online traffic. If consumers are forced to visit websites that are not optimized for mobile use, however, their experience is likely to be bad enough to encourage them to ignore a particular brand. Mobile sites can mean the difference between a consumer exodus and…

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Mcommerce sites and apps created by 47 percent of leading retailers

Mcommerce Website statistics

Acquity Group study includes the results of the top 300 retailers. The recent research results from Acquity Group have shown that among the leading 300 retailers, not even half have both an mcommerce website and a mobile app, but this still represents an increase of 161 percent over 2011. The report looked into the leading retailers, as identified by Internet Retailer. In order to generate the results for the “M-Commerce Audit” report, the firm examined the sites that were in existence through devices operating on the four primary mobile commerce…

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Opportunity knocks for the B2B mobile website market Website Preview

Demand for mobile websites is on the rise, driven by consumers tethered to mobile technology As consumers grow more attached to their mobile devices, the need for businesses to adapt to this trend is becoming more apparent. Small businesses, in particular, are beginning to feel the pressure of reaching out to a new generation of mobile consumers as well as other businesses. Today, the Internet plays a large role in the business world, but typical websites are not accommodating of mobile devices., a new service that specializes in mobile…

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B2B marketers may find significant benefit with QR codes

QR Codes Business Cards

B2B marketers are beginning to learn that the rules that have been discovered about social and mobile media techniques – such as the fact that they must continue to be properly adapted to their target market – can also be applied with QR codes. For that reason, experts have been coming up with various ways in which QR codes can be used for B2B marketing purposes. These uses range from everything from business cards to social media. It also involves all of the hand-out materials at trade shows. Everything from…

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Mobile marketing professionals generate list of 7 B2B marketing techniques


According to Forrester Research, spending on B2B mobile marketing is set to quadruple between now and 2014, so experts have compiled a list of 7 ways to take advantage of this technique to maximize its potential. The study by Forrester Research showed that in 2009, spending on B2B mobile marketing had been about $26 million. That said, the same research has predicted that it will be worth $106 million five years afterward. In order to take advantage of this technique experts have said that the following 7 B2B marketing strategies…

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