Top B2B Marketing Strategies in 2019

B2B Marketing

Compared to the preceding years, B2B marketers are currently experiencing more transformations at every step of the buyer’s journey. Notably, with instant and unlimited access to information, competition between B2B marketers is stiffened. Meaning, only those that fit into the digital sea change will convert more leads to loyal customers. To formulate winning business to business marketing strategies in 2019 and beyond, unfolding in the subsequent paragraphs are some critical pointers to consider. Understand the target audience and give answers to their queries Customers have pains and challenges that they…

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B2B marketers may find significant benefit with QR codes

QR Codes Business Cards

B2B marketers are beginning to learn that the rules that have been discovered about social and mobile media techniques – such as the fact that they must continue to be properly adapted to their target market – can also be applied with QR codes. For that reason, experts have been coming up with various ways in which QR codes can be used for B2B marketing purposes. These uses range from everything from business cards to social media. It also involves all of the hand-out materials at trade shows. Everything from…

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Experts announce 4 top ways to influence buyers

Article on Marketing Techniques

Marketing experts have released the results of their findings regarding today’s consumer, and have found that transparency, trust, buyer control, and social media are the top sources of influence over buyers. Though marketing has traditionally been built on a foundation of push techniques, and the 4 P’s (product, price, place, and promotion), those have been replaced by new and evolved influences, which are proof, value, enablement and outcome, and experience. Therefore, companies are discovering that in order to cater to those factors, marketing must be altered. Effective marketing no longer…

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