Mobile security partnership opens between AVG and Sony

mobile security parents concerns

This recent three year deal will mean that the company will be Sony’s exclusive protection provider. AVG Technologies, the online and mobile security software vendor, has now been awarded a three year contract that will allow the company to become the exclusive provider of security for smartphones and tablets that are made by Sony. As a part of this new partnership, the AntiVirus Pro from AVG will be preinstalled on the Xperia Z3 range. One component of this mobile security deal is that the AVG AntiVirus Pro for Android application…

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AVG warns that QR codes are not as risk free as they appear to be

QR Code Security

The illustrious internet security company AVG has been warning of an impending wave of cyber crime for years. The company has made a name for itself combating the threats present on the Internet, but now hackers are using a new tool that the company cannot protect anyone against: The QR code. According to AVG, the unassuming little barcodes have been causing a problem in online security lately. The problem lies in the inviting nature of the codes. QR codes are a popular marketing tool whose expansion in the realm of…

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