Auto dealerships and service centers benefit from mobile relationship marketing from uNotifi

Mobile Marketing

uNotify, an auto marketing company, has announced the launch of its new program for mobile relationship marketing to assist service centers and dealerships to better their ability to retain customers and increase their profitability. This new program is being called CARS (Customer Appreciation Rewards System), and is available only through mobile devices. The way it works is that consumers can build points by making purchases at service centers and dealerships. These purchases can include maintenance products and services, but points will also be issued for scheduling factory maintenance on time,…

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Top car manufacturers have failed to benefit from the full potential of mobile

Mobile Marketing Auto Industry

Technology performance company, Compuware Corporation, has unveiled its new U.S. Automotive Mobile Site Performance Index, which has shown that every one of the 23 mobile-optimized websites from the top auto manufacturers has shown to perform poorly on mobile devices. In August, the load time speeds for these sites ranged from 6.0 seconds to 18.7 seconds. A recent survey of customers indicated that when a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to download, 60 percent of these device users become frustrated and will abandon that site in favor of another…

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