QR codes added to Disney campaign to appeal to kids

disney mobile payments

The new mobile marketing campaign is being launched in Australia with the target discount store. Disney and Target are now working together in Australia to reach out and connect with children through mobile marketing that is based on QR codes printed onto an interactive virtual wall. The interactive mcommerce experience was designed to be used for only this past weekend. The location was at a cinema in Sydney and it was created in order to use QR codes to form a child friendly experience. Though Disney is experienced in the…

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QR codes popular on Southern Tasmanian fruit farm

QR code fruit farm

Visitors to the grower’s location can use their smartphones to spot the ripest and sweetest produce. Sorell Fruit Farm, located in Southern Tasmania, has added a unique new mobile twist to its farm tourism through the use of QR codes that are located among all of the rows. Each row of fruit boasts a quick response barcode that can be scanned by visitors with smartphones. The idea came from the farm’s Bob Hardy. It allows visitors with a scanner application on their smartphones to scan the QR codes to obtain…

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QR codes are unfamiliar to 62 percent of consumers in Australia

Australia Mobile payments Commerce QR Codes

Though they are a widely recognized form of mcommerce marketing, they still haven’t made it. Mobile marketing has seen significant controversy over the subject of QR codes, and following a survey in Australia, it is clear why there has been such a range of opinions on the topic. Though the quick response barcode technology shows significant potential, its success is unclear. There have already been highly successful campaigns that have used QR codes, which can be used as a level of proof that they offer a link between the real…

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QR codes get a boost from Boxtcode’s added touch

QR Code service

Four digits may make all the difference to where the barcodes have been lacking. Boxtcode, an Australian startup that has only just been launched, has opened with a bang, as it intends to change the world of QR codes by solving the issues relating to their limitations through its new location based mobile marketing tool. This new solution is designed to take away the struggles associated with these barcodes. The principle behind the new tool is quite simple. What Boxtcode is proposing through its use is the link between the…

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