Augmented reality may finally be getting big

Google Glass augmented reality games and phone technology

A range of different devices, technologies and uses have started to send AR into the mainstream. The number of startups that have made their way into the augmented reality space is now growing faster than it ever was before, and as a part of that, everyone from game developers to mobile marketing firms are working to try to make use of this technology in the best possible way. Among the latest trends has been the testing of AR as a part of various types of mobile device enabled marketing features.…

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Augmented reality is a growing part of the retail and travel experience

Augmented reality and technology Shopping trends

There have been a growing number of success stories that are encouraging companies to try more.   photo via A recent success story using augmented reality in China is having a growing number of airports adopt AR technology as a part of the high tech travel shopping experience around the world. Mobile commerce has become increasingly popular among travelers and commuters. It hasn’t just been limited to augmented reality. The Frankfurt Airport has used QR codes on a wall to give travelers the opportunity to use their smartphones to…

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Avanade introduces new augmented reality system for the retail industry

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, NFC technology, and the Kinect may be a big hit with consumers Avanade, a business technology developer, has taken note of the changing retail landscape. Consumers are becoming busier, or at least less accommodating of wait times, as they become more enthralled with technology, especially that of the mobile variety. Wait times have long been an issue that the retail sector has had to deal with. While many consumers are willing to wait to purchase products, excessive waiting can actually drive consumers away. Avanada believes that an adequate…

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Augmented reality for vehicle safety

augmented reality in cars

Augmented reality gaining traction in the auto industry Augmented reality is a dynamic technology with vast potential. The technology is most often used in marketing and entertainment, providing consumers with access to digital content that can be superimposed over the real world. Consumers have praised augmented reality for the engagement it can offer and this has encouraged marketers and those in the entertainment industry to put more focus on the technology. Augmented reality can be used for much more, however, and may soon become one of the best safety features…

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Augmented reality can be creepy with Horrible Hauntings

Augmented Reality Video

  The new release of the books is now using smartphones and tablets to enhance its Ghosts and Ghouls. Although books in the horror genre can be scary enough on their own, Goosebottom Books’ latest release of Horrible Hauntings has been enhanced with augmented reality in order to give the experience even more spine chilling flair. The legendary characters within its pages appear to come to life with its interactive features. The characters appear to move about in 3D, simply by using an augmented reality app on a smartphone or…

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